2018 James Gossard , Heavenly Gardens daylily introductions
2023 Gossard Daylily Introductions

2023 Diploid Mini Butterfly Introductions

Hummingbirds Love Me Daylily
Hummingbirds Love Me

Peach and honey almond Daylily
Peach and honey almond

Pink Dragonfruit Daylily
Pink Dragonfruit

Star Blaster Daylily
Star Blaster

Toot My Horn Daylily
Toot My Horn

Twisted Peppermint Daylily
Twisted Peppermint

2023 Diploid Double Daylily Introductions

 Banana Dancer Daylily
Banana Dancer

Heavenly Purple Passion Daylily
Heavenly Purple Passion

Widow Maker Daylily
Widow Maker

2023 Diploid Large Daylily Introductions

Heavenly Bearded Pig Daylily
Heavenly Bearded Pig

Moon Knight Daylily
Moon Knight

Squirrel Girl Daylily
Squirrel Girl

2023 Gossard Tetraploid Daylily Introductions

Amazon Rain Daylily
Amazon Rain

Angry Shark Daylily
Angry Shark

Bumble Bee Assault Daylily
Bumble Bee Assault

Coat of Many Colors Daylily
Coat of Many Colors

Dinosaur King Daylily
Dinosaur King

God of War Daylily
God of War

Gold Typhoon Daylily
Gold Typhoon

Heavenly Avenger Daylily
Heavenly Avenger

Heavenly Lavender Swirls Roll Daylily
Heavenly Lavender Swirls

 I'm So Beautiful Daylily
I'm So Beautiful

John Benz Daylily
John Benz

Moonlight Ripples Daylily
Moonlight Ripples

Mystic Tomato Daylily
Pink Cashmere

Purple Thunder Daylily
Purple Thunder

Ramjet Daylily

Ripple Maker Daylily
Ripple Maker

Heavenly Rippled water Daylily
Heavenly Rippled water

Slash Daylily

Slaying the Dragon Daylily
Slaying the Dragon

Storm Breaker Daylily
Storm Breaker

Sunshine Days Daylily
Sunshine Days

Thundercracker Daylily

Vanilla Ripples Daylily
Vanilla Ripples

2023 Kinnebrew/Gossard Tetraploid Daylily Introductions

Spacecoast Big Frosty Daylily
Spacecoast Big Frosty

Spacecoast Bold Conflict Daylily
Spacecoast Bold Conflict

Spacecoast Catch and Release Daylily
Spacecoast Catch and Release

Spacecoast Eye of Power Daylily
Spacecoast Eye of Power

Spacecoast High Octane Daylily
Spacecoast High Octane

Spacecoast Inner Tremors Daylily
Spacecoast Inner Tremors

Spacecoast Lap of Luxury Daylily
Spacecoast Lap of Luxury

Spacecoast Little Redeemer Daylily
Spacecoast Little Redeemer

Spacecoast New World Vision Daylily
Spacecoast New World Vision

Spacecoast Peace Maker Daylily
Spacecoast Peace Maker

Spacecoast Rave Reflections Daylily
Spacecoast Rave Reflections

Spacecoast Simply Superb Daylily
Spacecoast Simply Superb

Spacecoast Spearmint Smoothy Daylily
Spacecoast Spearmint Smoothy

Spacecoast Sunset Strip Daylily
Spacecoast Sunset Strip

Spacecoast turbulent Skies Daylily
Spacecoast turbulent Skies

Spacecoast Twisted Mocha Daylily
Spacecoast Twisted Mocha

Spacecoast Vader's Saber Daylily
Spacecoast Vader's Saber

Spacecoast Wide Eyed Envy Daylily
Spacecoast Wide Eyed Envy

Spacecoast Wild Redhead Daylily
Spacecoast Wild Redhead

Spacecoast Etched Invitation Daylily
Spacecoast Etched Invitation

2023 Dianna Gossard Tetraploid Double Daylily Introductions

Ring Around The Purple Moon Daylily
Ring Around The Purple Moon

Fire Double Daylily
Fire Double

Midnight Moon Rising Daylily
Midnight Moon Rising

Purple Moonlight Daylily
Purple Moonlight

Tropical Ruffled Feathers Daylily
Tropical Ruffled Feathers

Ruffles of Sunlight Daylily
Ruffles of Sunlight

Scarlet Lover Daylily
Scarlet Lover