Collection Pricing

2022 Heavenly Gardens Collections Pricing:


Bonus: Since collections are already heavily discounted, no bonuses are included with collections. How ever I try and give double fans if possible.

Gotta Have It All Collection   $5000

    Buy all 6 collections, total of 72 plants, James Gossard, Dianna Gossard, and Spacecoast.

Spacecoast Collection only  $1,200

    Buy all 18 Kinnebrew/Gossard 2022 introductions for $1,200, a savings of $1,375. This is more than 100% bonus, which is what we give club orders. Your bonus is one half of 2022 collection. Very limited, order early! $30 shipping fee.

We are now shipping Internationally, Please inquire. Some countries still do not allow shipping.

Internationally will be higher to cover phyto and additional shipping cost.

As an extra incentive, payment can be 1/2 now and the balance next year. This special is for Collections only, or orders of $1000 or more.
Shipment of plants upon full payment. Please inquire.

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  • Heavenly Gardens James Gossard 1069 Amity Road Galloway, Ohio 43119
     cell phone (614) 419-1781

      Photo of Complete 2009 collection order sent to Mn. Air drying, waiting shipment. As you can see, super nice plants

      Multiply fans of diploid Green Arrow being sent to Mn as part of collection.
      We try to send the biggest and best fans for collection orders.