2004 Gossard Daylily Introductions

2004 Diploid Introductions

Black Eyed Jester

Brown Exotica

Heavenly Angel Ice

Heavenly Mr Twister Daylily
Heavenly Mr Twister

Heavenly Pink Butterfly Daylily
Heavenly Pink Butterfly

Heavenly Red Streaker Daylily
Heavenly Red Streaker

Kindly Light Curls Daylily
Kindly Light Curls

Lavender Curls Daylily
Lavender Curls

Radioactive Curls Daylily
Radioactive Curls

Smoke Scream Daylily
Smoke Scream

2004 Tetraploid Introductions

Butterscotch Butterfly Daylily
Butterscotch Butterfly

Claws of Moonlight Daylily
Claws of Moonlight

Dark Monkey Daylily
Dark Monkey

Delta Force Dayliluy
Delta Force

Heavenly Dragon Fire

Heavenly Ginger Snap Daylily
Heavenly Ginger Snap

Heavenly Grape Surprise Daylily
Heavenly Grape Surprise

Heavenly Pink Fang

Heavenly Snow Drift Daylily
Heavenly Snow Drift

Hummingbird's Delight Daylily
Hummingbird's Delight

Orange Splash Daylily
Orange Splash

Raspberry Sickle Daylily
Raspberry Sickle

Red Hurricane Daylily
Red Hurricane

Red Tailed Hawk Daylily
Red Tailed Hawk

Turn Back Time Daylily
Turn Back Time

Volcanic Eruption Daylily
Volcanic Eruption

Wayne Felgar Daylily
Wayne Felgar

Yellow Titan Daylily
Yellow Titan