2007 Gossard Daylily Introductions

2007 Diploid introductions

Canyon Wildcat Daylily
Canyon Wildcat

Electric Lizard Daylily
Electric Lizard

Green Inferno Daylily
Green Inferno

Green Throated Robin Daylily
Green Throated Robin

Heavenly Whirly Bird Daylily
Heavenly Whirly Bird

Lightening Force Daylily
Lightening Force

Mystic Jellyfish Daylily
Mystic Jellyfish

Time Stopper Daylily
Time Stopper

White Magician Daylily
White Magician

Yellow Monkey Daylily

Yellow Monkey

2007 Tetraploid Introductions

Bumblebee Lady Daylily
Bumblebee Lady

Cloud Chaser Daylily
Cloud Chaser

Dancing Elf Daylily
Dancing Elf

Dragon Fang Daylily
Dragon Fang

Get'R Done Daylily
Get'R Done

Heavenly Blast to the Past Daylily
Heavenly Blast to the Past

Heavenly Dancing Fairies Daylily
Heavenly Dancing Fairies

Heavenly Explosion Daylily
Heavenly Explosion

Heavenly United We Stand Daylily
Heavenly United We Stand

Jungle Man Daylily
Jungle Man

Lava Spike Daylily
Lava Spike

Mask of Darkness Daylily
Mask of Darkness

Mystical Elf Daylily
Mystical Elf

Natural Affinity Daylily
Natural Affinity

Neon Flamingo Daylily
Neon Flamingo

Orange Knight Daylily
Orange Knight

Psychic Trance Daylily
Psychic Trance

Purple Cheetah Daylily
Purple Cheetah

Purple Kaboom Daylily
Purple Kaboom

Raspberry Griffin Daylily
Raspberry Griffin

Reach for the Heavens Daylily
Reach for the Heavens

Red Sally Daylily
Red Sally

Rosy Spiketail Daylily
Rosy Spiketail

Star Boy Daylily
Star Boy

Sword Dancer Daylily
Sword Dancer

White Eyes Pink Dragon Daylily
White Eyes Pink Dragon