2011 Gossard Daylily Introductions

2011 Diploid introductions

Creative Design
Creative Design

Dragon Seeker Daylily
Dragon Seeker

Garden Butterfly Daylily
Garden Butterfly

Giant Spider Daylily
Giant Spider

Giant Teratorn Daylily
Giant Teratorn

Green Python Daylily
Green Python

Ice Quake Daylily
Ice Quake

Magic Maker Daylily
Magic Maker

Morpho Butterfly Daylily
Morpho Butterfly

Navajo Pony Daylily
Navajo Pony

Nuclear Blast Daylily
Nuclear Blast

Primeval Force Daylily
Primeval Force

Purple Penguin Daylily
Purple Penguin

Purple Tarantula Daylily
Purple Tarantula

Solar Blast Daylily
Solar Blast

Wild Chicken Daylily
Wild Chicken

2011 Tetraploid Introductions

After the Bite Daylily
After the Bite

Aliens in the Garden Daylily
Aliens in the Garden

Butterfly King Daylily
Butterfly King

Cave Lion Daylily
Cave Lion

Eye of Truth Daylily
Eye of Truth

Fire Blast Daylily
Fire Blast

Fire Horse Daylily
Fire Horse

Hawkwoman Daylily

Hippopotamus Daylily

Omega Red Daylily
Omega Red

Purple Starfish Daylily
Purple Starfish

Shining Angel Daylily
Shining Angel

Solar Attack Daylily
Solar Attack

Supergirl Daylily

Vampire Bat Daylily
Vampire Bat