2018 James Gossard , Heavenly Gardens daylily introductions
2022 Gossard Daylily Introductions

2022 Diploid Mini Diploid Butterfly Introductions

Flying Penquin Daylily
Flying Penquin

Horned Turtle Daylily
Horned Turtle

Mystic Horseman Daylily
Mystic Horseman

Petite Dragon Daylily
Petite Dragon

Phantom Traveler Daylily
Phantom Traveler

Shadow of Eyes Daylily
Shadow of Eyes

Slipstream Daylily

Wheeljack Daylily

Wind Weaver Daylily
Wind Weaver

2022 Diploid Double Daylily Introductions

 Atomic Explosion Daylily
Atomic Explosion

Point of No Return Daylily
Point of No Return

Cranberry Octopus Daylily
Cranberry Octopus

2022 Diploid Large Daylily Introductions

All Dogs Go To Heaven Daylily
All Dogs Go To Heaven

Ant-Man Daylily

God's Country Daylily
God's Country

Legend Maker Daylily
Legend Maker

My Bearded Valentine Daylily
My Bearded Valentine

Power Stone Daylily
Power Stone

The Magnificent Four Daylily
The Magnificent Four

Welcome Aliens Daylily
Welcome Aliens

2022 Gossard Tetraploid Daylily Introductions

A Little Slice of Heaven Daylily
A Little Slice of Heaven

Consuming Flame Daylily
Consuming Flame

Cybertron Daylily

Dream of Me Daylily
Dream of Me

Heavenly Fire and Flame Daylily
Heavenly Fire and Flame

Giant Armadillo Daylily
Giant Armadillo

Harpie's Brother Daylily
Harpie's Brother

Heavenly Knight Rider Daylily
Heavenly Knight Rider

Let The Good Times Roll Daylily
Let The Good Times Roll

 Heavenly Love Language Daylily
Heavenly Love Language

Monkey king Daylily
Monkey king

musician king Daylily
musician king

Mystic Tomato Daylily
Mystic Tomato

Reality Stone Daylily
Reality Stone

Red Nova Dragon Daylily
Red Nova Dragon

Sexy Beast Daylily
Sexy Beast

Snow Beast Daylily
Snow Beast

Soul Stone Daylily
Soul Stone

streaky Daylily

Tap Out Daylily
Tap Out

The Last Dragonslayer Daylily
The Last Dragonslayer

They Call Me The Streak Daylily
They Call Me The Streak

Tiger Bite Daylily
Tiger Bite

Trust Destiny Daylily
Trust Destiny

The Wasp Daylily
The Wasp

Water Magician Daylily
Water Magician

2022 Kinnebrew/Gossard Tetraploid Daylily Introductions

Spacecoast Nails And Lipstick Daylily
Spacecoast Nails And Lipstick

Spacecoast Big Country Dreams Daylily
Spacecoast Big Country Dreams

Spacecoast Cloak and Braid Daylily
Spacecoast Cloak and Braid

Spacecoast Crimson Icon Daylily
Spacecoast Crimson Icon

Spacecoast Fact or Fiction Daylily
Spacecoast Fact or Fiction

Spacecoast Forbidden Friends Daylily
Spacecoast Forbidden Friends

Spacecoast Gold Doubloon Daylily
Spacecoast Gold Doubloon

Spacecoast Got Freckles Daylily
Spacecoast Got Freckles

Spacecoast Little Red Ninja Daylily
Spacecoast Little Red Ninja

Spacecoast Mighty Little Man Daylily
Spacecoast Mighty Little Man

Spacecoast Narrow Escape Daylily
Spacecoast Narrow Escape

Spacecoast Persimmon Wine Daylily
Spacecoast Persimmon Wine

Spacecoast Picture Perfect Pose Daylily
Spacecoast Picture Perfect Pose

Spacecoast Pink Parasol Daylily
Spacecoast Pink Parasol

Spacecoast Royal Crown Daylily
Spacecoast Royal Crown

Spacecoast Shutter Flutter Daylily
Spacecoast Shutter Flutter

Spacecoast Small Victory Daylily
Spacecoast Small Victory

Spacecoast Spike The Punch Daylily
Spacecoast Spike The Punch

2022 Dianna Gossard Tetraploid Double Daylily Introductions

Double Flaming Beauty Daylily
Double Flaming Beauty

Double Flipper Flapper Daylily
Double Flipper Flapper

Fiery Double Dandy Daylily
Fiery Double Dandy

Double Pinkaberry Daylily
Double Pinkaberry

My Soul's Desire Daylily
My Soul's Desire

Screaming Scarlet Daylily
Screaming Scarlet

Zena's Heavenly Heart Daylily
Zena's Heavenly Heart