Ordering Information
We are now shipping Internationally, Please inquire. For both Heavenly Gardens and Spacecoast Daylilies Please contact us for more info.

All daylilies will be sf, new introductions are single fans, however most of daylilies sent will be double fan or better. If a single fan is given, a nice bonus plant will be given.

My definition of a double fan is, a daylily with one big fan attached to a smaller non blooming size fan, two attached normal sized fans or two separated single fans, one being blooming size with second being blooming size or not or a daylily which is splitting. It is impossible to provide the same for all plants in the order, because all plants grow differently, mainly due to environmental conditions and or supply and demand.

As with all Spacecoast and Heavenly Gardens introductions, all have very good rust and leaf streak resistance. Our seedlings and introductions are selected in the presence of these fungal microorganisms. We do not spray with fungicides to control them , thus our fellow gardeners do not have to either. We believe the plant comes first; we strive to become environmentally conscious. We also find that our plants are also much more resistant to insects, such as aphids and thrips. Should you decide to spray with the strubilurin fungicides such as Cabrio, Headline, Heritage and others, our daylilies will be even better. Expect branching, bud count, flower size, edges, teeth and color to go up more dynamically than listed. The reason why, is that the strubilurin fungicides increase photosynthesis, spraying every 10 days, is like giving a body builder steroids.

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      Please order early. Orders include Bonus, please give suggestions from prior introductions, or tell us which ones you already grow, we love to give bonus plants. Will give one plant extra as bonus for check or cash payment, such saves us paypal and credit card fees Please add $20.00 shipping for each garden location. Shipping begins in April , may be earlier weather permitting. Please inquire about earlier shipping . Shipping year around for Spacecoast Daylilies. Make checks payable to James Gossard Paypal at Jgossard@aol.com

      If paying by credit card, you can fax credit card info, phone it in, email, or use paypal. Our credit card company requires billing address if different from shipping address and the 3 digit security code, 4 digits on front of American Express Cards

      Heavenly Gardens James Gossard 1069 Amity Road Galloway, Ohio 43119 cell phone (614) 419-1781 Fax (614) 851-1375 (on all the time) Email JGOSSARD@AOL.COM

      Refund or plant replacement policy

      We do not give refunds. If a plant dies within 3 months, we will replace with same plant. If we are not able to replace plant, we can substitute for equal or greater than value. If plant dies greater than 3 months but up to 1 year, we will replace. But we must a receive a order, ( such helps us to cover shipping cost) the plant lost will be replaced as gift, or you can ask for another daylily which might be better suited for your growing area. If an order is sent we try to add extra gift plants. We strive to satisfy. It is extremely rare that our buyers lose a plant. If it happens to you we will try are best to make you happy.